Argetina Administration Manager
Marcos Corvalán
Marcos is a Civil Engineer with an orientation in Administration and Works, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of Cuyo, has postgraduate degrees in Project Management (based on PMI guidelines), Finance Management and Quality Management. He has 18 years of experience, which include responsibilities such as Construction Manager, Site Manager, Field Services Manager, Project Director, Project Manager, Resident Quality Engineer, Supervisor of quality assurance teams and responsible for the quality team for soil movement works in mining projects. He also served as Head of the Water Works Program and Water Project Engineer for the government of the city of San Luis. He is currently Construction Services Manager at Anddes Argentina SA Among the main projects in which he has participated find: Pucamarca, Lagunas Norte, Raura, Shahuindo in Peru and Lindero, FMC Minera del Altiplano, Pascua Lama, Veladero, Gualcamayo, Pirquitas, San José, Salar Antofalla, El Quevar, Cerro Negro, Sales de Jujuy and Cerro Moro in Argentina. In the field of teaching, Marcos has worked, at the National University of Cuyo, for more than 15 years, as Head Professor of Practical Works of the Chair of Economics in Civil Engineering where the subject of learning covers the areas of computing and works budget, cost estimation and selection of soil movement equipment, certifications and tenders. He also collaborates in the Chair of Organization of Projects and Works, specifically in the area of ​​time management (according to PMI) and use of the MSProject tool.

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