Expertos Anddes
Our Experts
Our team of multidisciplinary experts merge their experience with innovation to develop new solutions for the sustainability of your projects.


Enrique Gonzales
Head of Safety, Health and Environment
Luis Rivas
Head of Geotechnics
Juan Carlos Cárdenas
Chief Financial Officer
Patricia Cayotopa
Head of Hydraulic Design
Jorge Cárdenas
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Johnny del Carpio
Project Manager
Jesús Bacilio
Senior Electromechanical Engineer
Henrry Chiroque
Head of TI
Fernando Ávila
GIS Head
Denys Parra
Corporate Technical Director
Javier Mendoza
General Manager of Anddes Peru
Carlos César
Technical manager
Rafael Ferradas
Administration and Finance Manager
Waldo Huallanca
Chief Operating Officer
Romy Valdivia
Project Management Manager
Johann Meléndez
Project Manager
Jorge Álvarez
Project Manager
Misael Alvarado
Manager of Construction Services
Daniel Pulcha
Civil and Hydraulic Manager
Luis Santamaría
Manager of Environmental Services
Jesus Laor
Manager of Electromechanics
Carlos Soto
Geotechnical Laboratory Manager
Juan Carlos Vallejos
Manager of Talent Management
Miguel Huamán
Hydrologist Engineer - Senior Hydraulics
Carlos Iparaguirre
Senior Hydraulic Hydrologist Engineer
Carlos Gamara
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Humberto Alvarado
Senior Civil Engineer
Omar Malaver
Head of Civil Design
Hilda Garay
Head of Supervision and CQA
Mckevin Canicoba
Head of Water Resources
Lia peña
Head of Geomechanics
José Hinojosa
Head of Geology
Franco Sánchez
Head of Costs and Budgets
Selene Quispe
Head of Research, Development and Innovation
Vanesa Prado
Commercial boss
Cristian Calvería
General Manager of Anddes Chile
Paulo Cella
General Manager of Anddes Brazil
Silverio Prota
General Manager of Anddes Argentina
Josefina Ibarbia
Environmental Projects Manager
Marcos Corvalán
Engineering manager
Mariano Nanclares
Administration and Finance Manager
Denys Parra
Gerente de Anddes Perú
Rafael Ferradas
Gerente Administración
Paulo Cella
Gerente Andes Brasil
Silver Prota
Gerente de Anddes Argentina
Cristián Clavería
Gerente Anddes Chile
Alfredo Moréno
Gerente Servicios de Construcción
Gerente de Ingeniería y Ambiental