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Our geotechnical area provides the necessary quality, support and safety of the physical stability of the engineering projects that our clients entrust to us.

We ensure that the design has taken into account practical and economic aspects for its construction, as well as the state of the practice and the art of geotechnics worldwide. We also consider the application of international and national standards and technical support required by our client to ensure the safe construction and efficient operation of our client’s mining structures.
In addition to participating in the design, we also execute the supervision of the geotechnical investigations needed to provide the necessary support such as: geotechnical drilling, test pits, SCPTu tests and SPT and LPT tests, among others. Likewise, we have an area of geophysics that provides complementary support to the geotechnical investigations we carry out.

Our experience in geotechnical engineering includes the design and construction of leach pads, tailings deposits, waste deposits and mining plants. On the other hand, we also participate in the execution of geomechanical projects that cover the design and supervision of tunnels and open pits.

Description of Services

  • Geotechnical and geological field investigations.
  • Supervision of diamond drilling, RC, tubex, odex, tricone, etc.
  • Execution of DPL, SPT, LPT, CPT, soil and rock sampling.
  • Supervision of Lefranc and Lugeon permeability tests.
  • Identification, evaluation, sampling and study of quarries.
  • Geotechnical laboratory tests and interpretation of results.
  • Laboratory tests of rock mechanics and interpretation of results.
  • Design and supervision of geotechnical instrumentation: hydraulic and vibrating rope piezometers, inclinometers, vibrating rope pressure cells, settlement sensors, among others.

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