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Cost and Budgets
Cost and Budgets

Our Costs and Budgets área is responsible for a correct estimate of the cost and time of construction for different levels of engineering development, which could serve as a baseline for the project. It is also responsible for the economic evaluation of a project for the client to have sufficient financial information for decision making.

It is also responsible for taking part in the management of risks in projects, by means of workshops for the identification of risks during construction and operation, and then make the qualitative and quantitative analysis of each identified risk and take appropriate measures to reduce the impact of the critical risks.

Finally, support is provided to the project construction with different documents as planning the work fronts, distribution of resources and strategies to be used during the construction of the project.

Description of Services

  • Unit rate analysis.
  • CAPEX estimates.
  • OPEX estimates.
  • Closure cost estimates.
  • Construction schedule preparation.
  • Estimates of quantities and recourse distribution.
  • Preparation of valued schedules (S curve).

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