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Electric Leak Location
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Electric Leak Location

At Anddes we are regional leaders in ELP. We have been executing almost 2,000,000 m2 of surveyed geomembranes with a 100% effectiveness (in all executed projects we have detected leaks).

Our technicians and professionals have trained with the world leaders in ELP, and their experience includes projects in the US, Peru and Argentina. We operate with the latest technology in equipment, designed and developed by Texas Research International (TRI) of Austin, Texas, USA.

We offer solutions for all the integrity verification needs of geomembranes in energy and mining, both those contemplated by the American Society Testing and Materials (ASTM) and those that exceed this standard.


Description of Services

  • Exposed Geomembrane – Water Lander ASTM D 7703 / D 7002.
  • Exposed Geomembrane – Arc Test ASTM D 7953.
  • Geomembrane Cover with soil, brine, water or ASTM D7007 solutions.
  • Geomembrane Roofing in conditions exceeding ASTM – Alternative methods.