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Mapeo Geologico 3- editada

Anddes offers their geological exploration activities for the different engineering projects, applying techniques of regional and local geology, related to geological-geotechnical investigations of the subsoil and geological modeling in the determination of the lithological and structural characterization of geological formations susceptible.

Anddes provides oversight services in geotechnical investigations, through detailed geological mapping, geodynamic and geomorphologic assessments, logging by using ASTM and ISRM procedures, testing and geotechnical-geomechanical sampling.

Description of Services

  • Supervision of diamond drilling, RC, tubex, odex, tricone, among others.
  • Determination of drilling core orientation.
  • Supervision of SPT, LPT, CPT and sampling of soils and rocks.
  • Supervision of Lugeon and Lefranc permeability testing.
  • Identification, evaluation, sampling and borrow source study.
  • Geological and structural mapping.
  • Execution of detail lines.
  • Design and supervision of geotechnical instrumentation, hydraulic piezometer, vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers, vibrating wire pressure cells, settlement sensors, among others.

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