Senior Hydraulic Hydrologist Engineer
Carlos Iparaguirre
Carlos has been working in Peru since 1986 and has experience in projects in Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, Indonesia and Peru. He is a registered Civil Engineer, with main experience in Hydrology, Hydrogeology, mine water management, tailings transport, rain erosion control, unsaturated flow and closure coverage. He also has experience in environmental hydrology, river hydraulics, highway drainage, dam design, and water resource management. In addition, he is Assistant Professor in hydrology and water resources at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the National University of Engineering. As Senior Reviewer Engineer, in Water Resources and Water Management, his experience includes hydrological and hydrogeological studies, Water Balance; Design of Sub-drainage Systems, Surface Drainage, Derivation Structures; Tailings transportation; Hydrological and Hydraulic Simulation and Operation of Leaching Piles, Tailings Deposits and Dismantling; Definition of size of ponds of leaching facilities; Recovery Works; Definition of surface water management BMPs; Support in baseline studies, Environmental Impact and Mine Closure.

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