Peruvian Geologist Day: Highlighting the vital role of geology in Peru

Peruvian Geologist’s Day is celebrated on September 17. This date honors geology professionals in the country and highlights the importance of their work in the exploration and study of the earth. It is attributed to the illustrious Carlos Lissón Beingolea, known as “The Father of Peruvian Geology,” who was born on the same day in 1868. Throughout his distinguished career, Lissón Beingolea founded the Geological Society of Peru and made notable contributions to the disciplines of Geology and Paleontology, thus establishing the essential foundations for the development of these sciences in Peru.

The attribute of a geological engineer lies in his ability to understand and work at the meeting point between geological foundations and practical applications of engineering.

Geology plays an essential role in geotechnical studies, mainly in the evaluation of slopes, being of great relevance in the planning and execution of projects that range from the construction of roads, dams and buildings, to the exploitation of mining structures, such as pits. and/or quarries. In these cases, the consideration of geological criteria such as the identification of the origin of the materials and their subsurface distribution become determining factors to ensure the long-term success of these initiatives.

The geological characterization of the environment involves a series of field and laboratory investigations where geologists carry out a thorough evaluation, this includes the precise identification of the geological materials present, whether rocks or soils, as well as the detection and analysis of geological structures. such as faults and fractures. Additionally, geological mapping of the area provides invaluable information to understand the geological evolution of the area and anticipate possible engineering challenges that may arise.

In modern society, geologists play a vital role in understanding and evaluating the earth in all its complexity. From monitoring seismic and volcanic activity in the interior to considering external geodynamic factors such as landslides and rock falls, their work is essential to identify geological hazards and develop geological models through the use of specialized software. This experience is essential to ensure safety and success in a wide range of engineering and construction projects in our society.