Celebrating Occupational Safety and Health Day: Interview with Enrique Gonzales

Reflexión - Día de la Seguridad y Salud en el Ambiente

About Enrique's experience and professional career

Enrique is a Mining Engineer graduated from the National University of Trujillo (UNT) with Master of Science studies with a mention in Safety and Environmental Management in Companies from the National University of Trujillo and a Diploma in Advanced Specialization in Safety, Health and Human Competencies in Mining at ESAN University.

He has experience in the implementation of safety and environmental management systems, risk assessment, audits, implementation and certification of international standards ISO 45001, 14001 and ISO 9001.

At a professional level, he has worked in private companies, mainly in the mining sector, such as Hochschild Mining, Cía. From Minas Buenaventura, EXSA, Panamerican Silver, Coansa del Perú. He currently works as Head of Safety, Health and Environment at Anndes.

Why is safety important in Anddes?

Our workers are the most precious capital in the company, for this reason we work to prevent the occurrence of injuries, illnesses, occupational diseases of our workers and interest groups, controlling, among other dangers, to protect the integrity of the client’s people and facilities, establishing procedures and practices in order to avoid accidents and incidents.

How do we contribute to or promote safe practices in our work environments (both in projects and in the office) and through what key actions do we carry them out?

• Applying a visible leadership of all those responsible for areas and projects.
• Guaranteeing compliance with national and international legal regulations on Safety and Health at Work and other signed agreements.
• Promoting the participation and consultation of our workers at all levels and work areas on occupational health and safety issues.
• Developing and applying high standards and procedures, technological advances that contribute to avoiding the occurrence of accidents and incidents.

Enrique Gonzales

Enrique Gonzales

Head of Safety, Health and Environment