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Anddes: Company in the mining sector that bets on Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) projects with CONCYTEC

R&D projects contribute to the growth of Anddes

Anddes Asociados SAC (hereinafter Anddes) has innovation as a corporate value, which is why our organization, since its foundation in 2011, has invested and dedicated time and resources in research and innovation projects that have allowed us to improve our internal and external processes. with the purpose of providing our clients with quality services and rapid response, and at the same time promoting the professional and personal growth of our collaborators. In this sense, since 2018, Anddes has been working with the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC), an entity attached to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), with the aim that our research and innovations have the qualification of Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) projects under Law 30309, a law that promotes R+D+i in the private sector with tax incentives.

To date, for the fourth consecutive year our organization has been recognized as an innovative company during Innovation Week, an event organized annually by CONCYTEC and which brings together the private sector, the public sector and academia to learn about the latest advances related to innovation. Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI) in the country. We feel committed to actively participating in these types of initiatives organized by the State, since they strengthen our cooperation ties between private companies and public entities such as ProCiencia, ProInnóvate, SENCICO, and Peruvian universities.

It should be noted that R+D+i projects not only contribute to the competitiveness of our organization, but many of the projects mentioned have contributed and contribute to our professionals being able to complete their stage of university education by obtaining a degree. professional or academic degree as we will explain later. Next, we present our awarded projects.

Nuestros Proyectos

From 2018 to date, we have 08 R+D+i projects awarded with the endorsement of CONCYTEC, of ​​which 06 are from the discipline of geotechnics, 01 from the environment and 01 from hydrology. The projects were: (1) Selection of subduction seismic attenuation laws for the evaluation of seismic  hazard in Peru

(2018), (2) Influence of topsoil height on the development of two grass species in closure cover for mining waste deposits (2019), (3) Analysis of physical stability conditions for geosynthetic cover systems in mine closure (2019), (4) Automation of the seismic monitoring system of important structures in different projects in the Peru (2020), (5) Surface and underground seismic monitoring to evaluate the behavior and dynamic properties of soils in the city of Lima, Peru (2020), (6) Experimental study to estimate the critical state curve for cyclone tailings using the use of standard triaxial equipment (2021), (7) Ground motion model for earthquakes in the subduction zone of Peru (2021), and (8) Regionalization and estimation of probable maximum precipitation (PMP) and in Peru (2022).

All the projects mentioned above have been used as thesis topics so that our professionals can obtain their professional degree in their universities of origin, evidence of this is that two (02) of our collaborators have already obtained their professional degree in civil engineering, while The rest are in the process of titling. The scientific production that is generated from our R+D+i projects has been recognized by public entities such as PRONABEC, which has awarded study abroad scholarships to our young talents. For this reason, Anddes has the firm commitment to continue betting on Science, Technology and Innovation to continue providing quality services and contribute to the growth of the country and that of our professionals.

Selene Quispe

Selene Quispe

Head of Research, Development and Innovation

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Diana Damian

Diana Damian

Professional in the Geotechnical area