Site Assesment and Remediation

From engineering and design to management and operation; Anddes’ technical expertise, local relationships and extensive experience in environmental liabilities projects allow us to offer specialized services throughout the life cycle of the project.

We are leaders in Site Assesment and Remediation services, designing and applying effective solutions, at the most efficient cost for each site; and working safely.

We have modern technology and equipment tailored to the needs of each project.

Our main Site Assesment and Remediation services:

  • Site Assesment and Remediation
    • Environmental Due Diligence in accordance with ASTM standards ASTM E1528 - 14e1
    • Environmental characterization studies Phase I / II according to standards ASTM E1527-13 and E1903-11
    • Corrective action analysis based on risk according to standar ASTM E1739-95 (2015).
    • Baseline Studies (ELB), Environmental Impact Studies (EIA), Annual Environmental Monitoring Report (IMAA), Environmental Audits, among others.
    • Endoscopy to verify the constructive status of monitoring wells using submersible cameras.
    • Environmental hydrogeology studies
    • Sampling and analysis of surface and subsurface soil, surface and ground water, soil vapors, and air.
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