Construction Services

We are experts in construction supervision and quality assurance (QA) for several components and facilities for mining projects in the countries where our offices are located.
Our experience includes projects such as treatment plants, process plants, leaching platforms, facilities for water management, waste and tailings, as well as waste deposits and facilities for landfill, among others.

Our main Construction Services include:

  • Supervision
    • Construction management.
    • Control of costs.
    • Progress control.
    • Construction planning.
    • Supervision in pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities.
  • Geoelectric Geomembrane Leak Detection
    • Water and dry lance method.
    • Tests using Dipole Methods.
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
    • QA of electromechanical works (assembly and installation of equipment).
    • QA for civil works, earthworks and installation of geosynthetics.
    • Control and trials in construction of embankments or massive fillings.
    • Inspection of foundations or foundation surfaces.
    • Inspection of geomembrane liner welding (fusion and extrusion).
    • On site laboratory tests.
    • QA in the soldering of solid HDPE pipes of different diameter and thickness.
    • Permeability tests of the soil liner in the field.
    • Quality control tests in concrete production.
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