Environmental Engineering Services

We specialize in the application of environmental engineering sciences. We provide engineering and environmental management services for projects in the mining, energy, production, agriculture and transport sectors.

Our main Environmental Services include:

  • Environmental Management Instruments
    • Environmental and socioeconomic impact assessments (DIA, EIAsd, EIAd).
    • Supporting technical report.
    • Environmental management plan.
    • Mine closure plan.
    • Environmental remediation plan.
    • Decontamination plan.
    • Contingency plan.
    • Environmental monitoring program.
  • Environmental Sciences
    • Environmental baseline studies.
    • Detailed and semi-detailed soil study.
    • Hydrological and hydrogeological study.
    • Geochemical and hydrochemical study.
    • Study of ecological flows.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of meteorology, air quality and noise.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of surface and underground water quality.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna.
    • Landscape monitoring and evaluation.
    • Limnological characterization study.
    • Study of highland wetlands and wetlands.
  • Green Economy and Sustainable Development
    • Action plans for the development of green economy.
    • Environmental economic valuation.
  • Socioeconomic Evaluations
    • Social baseline studies.
    • Advice and social management.
    • Facilitation, negotiation and resolution of conflicts.
    • Social responsibility and community relations.
    • Relationship protocol - communication plan.
    • Consultations with interested parties and indigenous peoples.
    • Relationship protocol.
    • Social impact evaluation.
    • Risk analysis for human health (RBCA)
  • Environmental engineering
    • Environmental restoration and remediation.
    • Analysis of ecological risks.
    • Study of future use.
    • Numerical models.
  • Permits and licenses
    • Preparación de expedientes para permisos ambientales.
    • Gestión ambiental y desarrollo normativo.
    • Gestión de residuos.
    • Gestión integrada de recursos hídricos.
    • Supervisión ambiental.
  • Others
    • Archaeological evaluations.
    • Environmental Due Diligence.
    • Environmental Quality Assessment (EQA).
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