Electromechanical Projects

Our Electromechanical Services area has a team of specialists in Mechanics, Pipes, Civil, Structures, Electricity, Instrumentation and Processes. They ensure delivering a service that complies with a technical design of excellence and within the deadline agreed with our clients.
We submit designs that propose suitable solutions, thus ensuring the safety, operability, maintainability, constructability and environment of your project.

Our main Electromechanical Services include:

  • Handling of Material
    • Design and selection of equipment for handling and transport of materials including conveyor belts, silos, transfer chutes, chain conveyors, helical conveyors, bucket elevators, belt feeders and helical plates, among others.
    • Pneumatic transport system.
  • Pumping and Piping System
    • Design of tailings transport system of low and high concentration of solids (Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids).
    • Design of irrigation systems in leaching heaps.
    • Analysis of flexibility and study of transitory phenomena.
    • Compressed air systems.
  • Mechanics
    • Development of 3D models of industrial facilities and concentrator plants.
    • Layouts and general arrangements of concentrator plants.
    • Development of detail plans and installation of mechanical equipment.
  • Processes
    • Comminution (crushing and grinding).
    • Flotation.
    • Leaching.
    • Thickening and classification of tailings.
    • Changes in the configuration of the plant.
    • Optimization of process performance.
    • Improvements to reduce energy consumption.
    • Development of metallurgical auditing and accounting studies.
    • Simulation of processes for the evaluation of equipment and of the entire process.
  • Electricity
    • Analysis of electricity consumption and demand.
    • Electricity transportation and distribution systems.
    • Complete engineering of electrical installations and conduits.
  • Structures
    • Design of crusher and mill foundations.
    • Design of slabs and retaining walls.
    • Design of super steel structures.
    • Structural modeling
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