Geotechnical Laboratory

Our Geotechnical Laboratory is among the most modern ones in Peru and South America, as it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment ensuring optimal precision and accuracy in all studies that are entrusted to us.
Our clients can rest assured that we will attend their requirement for testing as swiftly as possible based on the advice of our highly qualified professional and technical staff to answer any technical query resulting from the test carried out.
In our Geotechnical Laboratory we are governed by international norms and standards such as the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for the development of our tests.

The main services of the Geothecnical Laboratory include:

  • Resonant Column Method Test and Torsional Simple Shear device (ASTM-D4015)
    • We work with our own Resonant and Torsional Column (RCTS) equipment, the only one of its kind in Peru and South America. This type of test is carried out for the dynamic characterization of soils, which is the basic information for the seismic response analysis of geotechnical structures. This dynamic characteristic covers the determination of degradation curves of the cutting modulus and damping ratio whose purpose is to obtain the real and non-linear dynamic behavior of soils. Our company has been carrying out this type of tests for the characterization of materials of geotechnical structures, as is the case of leaching piles, mine dismantling, tailings dams and earth dams.
  • Special Tests
    • Triaxial Tests: - Consolidated undrained Triaxial ASTM D4767 (CU) - Consolidated drained Triaxial ASTM D7181 (CD) - Unconsolidated undrained Triaxial ASTM D2850 (UU)
    • Large Scale Direct Shear Test (ASTM-D5321)
    • Flexible wall Permeability Test (ASTM-D5084)
    • Rigid wall Permeability Test (ASTM-D2434)
    • Consolidation Test (ASTM-D2435)
    • Punching Test
  • Standard Tests
    • Particle-Size analysis using sieve (ASTM-D6913)
    • Limits of Attemberg (ASTM-D4318)
    • Particle-size analysis by sedimentation (ASTM-D7928)
    • Standard and modified proctor test (ASTM D1557 and D698)
    • Specific gravity of solids (ASTM-D854)
  • Tests on Rocks
    • Point load test (ASTM-D5731)
    • Test of simple compression and elastic constants in rocks (ASTM-D2938)
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