Civil Design

We offer our clients the design of mineral leaching facilities, deposits and handling of different types of tailings, deposits of surplus materials and earth dams, among others. All this is applied in the different levels of engineering required and under a high quality control as well as the international standards applicable to the mining industry. The work is carried out in close coordination with our clients in order to guarantee an optimum work within the agreed deadline.
Our team of specialized professionals, with extensive experience and knowledge, are able to provide support and advice during the design, construction and operation of all mining components

Our main Civil Engineering Services include:

  • Design of Leaching Facilities
    • Leaching of gold, silver, copper and nickel ores.
    • Extreme conditions of rain, temperature and altitude.
    • High leaching piles and in aggressive terrain conditions.
    • Large dynamic leaching heaps.
    • Conventional leaching pads and filling of valleys and gorges.
    • Dynamic leach pads (on/off).
    • Heap leach pads with low permeability.
    • PLS, ILS and emergency ponds.
    • Mineral stacking plan.
  • Tailings disposal facilities
    • Design of conventional tailings deposits, thickened, in paste and filtered.
    • Mixed co-disposal with mine dismantling.
    • Hydraulic and high density underground fillers.
    • Modification and re-growth of tailings dams.
    • Acid drainage control and treatment systems.
    • Tailing dam auscultation system.
    • Clear water lagoon management plan.
    • Hydric balance.
  • Surplus Materials Management
    • Mine stripping, discarded material, organic material.
    • Haulage of waste and haul roads.
    • Modeling and control of acid drainage.
    • Coating systems with tailings.
    • Management of mixed materials.
    • Download plan.
    • Layout of mine dismantling according to its geochemical characteristics.
  • Liner Systems with Geomembranes
    • Leaching pads and tailings deposits in different climate and altitude conditions.
    • Intermediate liners (interlifts).
    • Waste deposits.
    • Landfills.
    • Ponds and channels.
    • Containment of hydrocarbons.
    • Waterproof pile liners (raincoats).
    • Specifications for leak detection and anomalies.
  • Civil Design
    • Leaching facilities, tailings disposal facilities and surplus materials, earth dams.
    • Site selection, conceptual, prefeasibility and feasibility studies.
    • Basic and detailed engineering.
    • Soil movement, sub-drainage, collection and conduction of leachates.
    • Surface water management.
    • Preparation of specifications, QA/QC manuals.
    • Capex and Opex estimation.
    • Cost optimization.
    • Development of engineering and construction plans.
    • Preparation of construction schedules.
    • Roads and haul road.
    • Quarry exploitation plan.
    • Closure plan and post-closure monitoring.
    • Post-construction audit.
    • Rehabilitation of faults.
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