Balance de la gestión de nuestro Gerente General, Anddes Perú

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The first 6 months of management

Anddes, betting on its internal talent, carried out a planned and developed succession plan, which allowed it to appoint Javier Mendoza as general manager in May of this year, which will allow it to continue with the strategy defined for the company.

Javier, in turn, is a member of the Board of Directors, with extensive experience in the field managing projects with multidisciplinary teams; His development has been remarkable, endorsed by his professional training, his skills and his leadership style. Within the first 6 months of his management, we highlight 4 important axes: strategy, people, customer-oriented management and security.

  • Development of new businesses: As part of the expansion strategy, our general manager, contributing his experience and strategic vision, leads a team of experts who evaluate the development of important projects abroad.
  • External and customer certifications: Javier’s commitment to demonstrating the quality of our processes has been essential to satisfactorily passing different audits that his clients carry out on Anddes. This complements the achievement in the recertification of the Trinorm carried out by Bureau Veritas, confirming compliance with the highest standards that said standard requires.
  • Beginning of the cultural transformation in Anddes: It is important to mention that Javier has been the main architect in the acquisition and implementation of an ERP, considering that this tool will allow the agility of our processes and a dynamic interaction of the areas of the company. Finally, what is expected is the alignment of the business strategy, our processes and our most valuable asset: people.
  • Integration activities: Javier’s participation in integration activities has been very important to reinforce our culture and increase the sense of belonging in our collaborators, especially those who have recently joined during the pandemic. For Anddes it is important to promote these spaces that generate horizontality and closeness in work relationships.
Customer Oriented Management
  • Participation in PERUMIN 2022: This year we were present at the Perumin 2022 Mining Convention, after a mandatory 2-year recess. The presence of our general manager has allowed us to strengthen relationships with our stakeholders, reinforcing the positioning of our brand, opening up new possibilities for business relationships with different customer prospects.
  • Participation in international events: We have participated in events of great magnitude and importance such as:
  • At Anddes we seek at all times to protect the integrity and well-being of our collaborators, taking action and adopting immediate measures, in order to ensure the safety and health of those who work at Anddes.
  • Our security contributes by guiding our collaborators to jointly build an optimal work environment, guaranteeing their peace of mind, seeking interdependence, in accordance with the Bradley curve.

Our horizon with Javier

With the implementation of the ERP in Anddes, it will be necessary for our professionals to develop new skills that allow them to successfully face great challenges. Javier, along with a team of experts, have been meeting to outline the business strategy, from a financial and management perspective, and with a lot of participation from people who collaborate with their future strategy. It is worth mentioning that our general manager, in coordination with the Board of Directors, will continue with the opening of offices abroad, as part of our internationalization plan.

At Anddes we strive to create adequate work environments to care for our collaborators, and we constantly seek to recognize the great work they have been doing. We will continue to strengthen our security culture, heading towards interdependence, which is why we are working on a much more dynamic and powerful security plan for 2023.

We are sure that we have a great team of professionals, who daily demonstrate their capacity and commitment in the face of each challenge that arises.

We thank all our collaborators for their great effort and dedication to contribute to the achievement of our objectives, and our clients for continuing to bet on us and allowing us to accompany them in each of their projects.

Javier Mendoza

Javier Mendoza

General Manager of Anddes Peru

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