Anddes Engineering


We have a team with extensive experience in geomechanical evaluation for foundations, design of slopes of pits and geomechanical in underground works.


The geophysical studies performed by Anddes are orientated to contribute significantly with the resource optimization for the engineering projects development.

Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical area provides the necessary quality, support and safety of the physical stability of the engineering projects that our clients entrust to us.

Civil Design

We offer our clients the design of mineral leaching facilities, deposits and handling of different types of tailings, deposits of surplus materials and earth dams, among others

Geological Engineering

Anddes offers their geological exploration activities for the different engineering projects, applying techniques of regional and local geology.

Hydrology and Hydraulic

In Anddes, we offer our clients the support in hydrology and hydraulics for an effective management and development of water resources and transport sediment, according to internationally recognized standards.

Electromechanical Projects

Our Electromechanical Services area has a team of specialists in Mechanics, Pipes, Civil, Structures, Electricity, Instrumentation and Processes.

Cost Engineering Services

Our Costs and Budgets área is responsible for a correct estimate of the cost and time of construction for different levels of engineering development, which could serve as a baseline for the project.