General Manager of Anddes Brazil
Paulo is a geological engineer and has more than 30 years of experience in the coordination and supervision of geotechnical projects, engineering geology and geomechanics for feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering for hydroelectric plants, mining and infrastructure, including field investigations and tests. laboratory in soil and rock, pits and underground workings, slopes, tunnels, gallery of mines and dams, tailings dams, water catchment dams. Disposal of filtered tailings, waste piles, etc. Paulo has developed investigations and stability studies of large slopes (H = 200 to 700 m) of open pit pits, waste piles, tailings dams, and fine containment dikes. He was Technical Director of BVP Engenharia between 2001 and 2010. Paulo has written technical and scientific articles published in Brazil and abroad and in 2002 he obtained the award from the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the State of São Paulo for research in the development of equipment for triaxial creep testing in saline rock subjected to high pressures and temperatures.

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