Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Carlos Huamán
Carlos is a Civil Engineer, consultant in Geotechnical Engineering, specializing in Geotechnical Seismic and Geomechanical Engineering. He has more than 25 years of experience in the execution, management and supervision of geotechnical studies for civil and mining projects, from the conceptual level to detailed engineering for closure. His experience includes the management, development and supervision of geotechnical field studies, evaluation of foundations for concentrator plants and civil works. Also, the geomechanical characterization of rock masses, stability evaluation, design and auditing of open pit slopes. In addition, the stability analysis of underground workings, analysis and design of earth dams, tailings dams, waste rock deposits, leach pads and other mine infrastructure. Additionally, he has performed seismic hazard analysis, seismic response analysis of geotechnical structures, and seismic geophysical tests, as well as seismic microzoning studies. Carlos is an Associate Professor at the National University of Engineering in Lima, Peru and teaches the Soil Mechanics and Rock Mechanics courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

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