We develop different environmental management and environmental engineering tools.
Environmental Engineering Services
We develop electromechanical projects including the design and selection of equipment for handling and transport of materials.
Electromechanical Projects
Our geomechanical and geotechnical team specialize in slope design studies and underground works for the different levels of a project.
We excel in the management and supervision of construction as well as in the construction assurance quality of mining and civil projects.
Construction Services
We have engineers and specialists in geology, hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and geochemistry who are qualified to cover the interdisciplinarity of the topics involved in the studies.
We provide support in hydrology and hydraulics for an effective management and development of water resource management and sediment transport.
Hydrology and Hydraulic
We design mineral leaching facilities, deposits and handling of different types of tailings and deposits of surplus materials, among others.
Civil Design
Our geotechnical area provides the quality, support and safety of the physical stability of the engineering project entrusted to us by our clients.
Geotechnical Engineering
Anddes offers their geological exploration activities for the different engineering projects, applying techniques of regional and local geology.
Geological Engineering
The geophysical studies performed by Anddes are orientated to contribute significantly with the resource optimization for the engineering projects development. These studies allow us to indirectly determine the physical and dynamics properties of the ground from the surface to depth, in an efficiently manner, quickly and with low cost.
Our Costs and Budgets área is responsible for a correct estimate of the cost and time of construction for different levels of engineering development, which could serve as a baseline for the project.
Cost Engineering Services
We perform the Electric Leak Location to evaporation basins, leach pads, tailings dams, solution ponds and any system waterproofed with geomembrane.
Electric Leak Location
From engineering and design to management and operation; Anddes' technical knowledge, local relationships and extensive experience in environmental liabilities projects allow us to offer specialized services throughout the life cycle of the project.
Site Assesment and Remediation
We have one of the most modern laboratories in Peru and South America, since it is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to carry out our clients’ requests for tests.
Geotechnical Laboratory
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