Hidrology and Hidraulic


  • Hydrological studies
  • Climatological studies
  • Water supply studies
  • Basin water balance
  • Water surface evaluation and monitoring
  • Weather and hydrometric stations deployment

Water Balance

  • Water balance simulation for heap leach pads
  • Water balance simulation for tailing dams
  • Global Water balance simulation for mining operations

Hydraulic Design

  • Surface water management plan
  • Design of hydraulic structures (channels, stepped chutes, culverts, laminator ponds, energy dissipators, spillways, water catchments, intakes, etc.) in different engineering stages
  • One-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling of hydraulic structures
  • Design of sub-drainage ponds, effluent collection ponds, sediment ponds and others
  • Design of Drainage Highway Systems (ditches, culverts, bridges, road bumps, sub-drainage and others)
  • Design of Pipeline Network Systems for water, tailings and similar fluids transportation
  • Design of Pumping and Pressure Piping Systems

Fluvial Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic evaluations for bridges, artworks and river levees (rockfill, breakwaters, gabion walls and others)
  • Analysis of scour, floodpain and risk areas
  • One-dimensional and two-dimensional models in rivers and interaction with hydraulics structures
  • River sediment transport modeling

Special studies

  • Dam breach analysis (water and tailings dams, among others)
  • Mudflow simulation
  • One-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling for mining cover system design
  • Sediment transport assesment
  • Ecological flow studies
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies for basin water transfer
  • Irrigation studies
  • Hydrogeological studies