Electromechanical Projects

Material handling

  • Design and selection of equipment for handling and transport of materials, including conveyor belts, silos, chutes transfer, conveyor chains, helical conveyors, bucket elevators, feeders of belts, plates, helical, among others.
  • Pneumatic transport system.

Pumping and piping System

  • Design of tailings transport system of low and high solids concentration (Newtonian fluids and non-Newtonian).
  • Irrigation systems design in heap leaches.
  • Piping flexibility analysis and transient phenomena study.
  • Compressed Air Systems.


  • 3D models of industrial facilities and concentrator plants development.
  • Concentrator plants layouts and overall arrangements.
  • Detailed drawings and installation of mechanical equipment development.


  • Crushers’ foundations and mills design.
  • Slabs and retaining walls design.
  • Steel structures’ design.
  • Structural modeling.


  • P&IDs development.
  • Instruments and control systems specification.
  • Architecture and philosophy of control.


  • Changes in the plant configuration.
  • Process performance optimization.
  • Improvements for the energy consumption reduction.
  • Development of metallurgic auditing and accounting studies.
  • Processes simulation for the equipment and the entire process evaluation.