Project Management
  • Comprenhensive project management.
  • On site direction, supervision and control.
  • Construction management technical support.


Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA)
  • Earthworks and geosynthetics installation QC/QA.
  • Quality control of geosynthetics manufacturing (MQA).
  • Quality control of concrete facility construction.
  • Foundation construction supervision.
  • Geomembrane liner welding supervision.
  • On site laboratory testing.
  • Earthfill construction, concrete and geosynthetic material testing.
  • Borrow area verification and assessment.


Geoelectrical Detection of Leaks in Geomembrane
  • Water and dry lance method.
  • Dipole method.


Procurement Management
  • Comprehensive management bidding processes.
  • Preparing the bidding process package.
  • Proposal assessment and bidders selection.
  • Geosynthetic material assessment for purchasing.