Civil Engineering

Heap Leaching Facilities Design
  • Gold, silver, copper and nickel ore leaching.
  • Higher heap leach pad design and in aggressive terrains.
  • Conventional and valley fill leach pad design.
  • Low permeability ore heap leach design.
  • Raincoats, emergency, PLS and ILS ponds design.
  • Ore stacking plan design.


Tailings Deposition Facilities
  • Conventional, paste, filtered and thickened tailings disposal planning.
  • Co-disposal with rock mine waste.
  • Tailings dam rising and design modification.
  • Acid drainage control system and treatment.


Waste Material Management
  • Waste dump, unsuitable material and organic material management.
  • Access roads and mine waste hauling.
  • Acid drainage control and modelling.
  • Co-disposal system with tailings.
  • Stacking plan design considering different types of material.


Geomembrane Liners System Design
  • Hydrocarbons containments.
  • Raincoats systems for heap leach pads.
  • Liner leakage analysis.


Civil Design
  • Heap leach pad, tailings and mine waste facilities.
  • Site selection, conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
  • Detailed and basic engineering.
  • Earthworks, underdrain and leachate solution collection system.
  • QA/QC specifications and manuals.
  • Capex and Opex estimates.
  • Engineering and construction drawings preparation.
  • Highways, mine access road and haul road design.