The mining and construction industries grow at high rates around the world, mainly during the last 5 years in Perú. Mining companies require of creative and practical solutions, and high quality professionals to overcome problems that a mining project faces from the beginning of its operations until the end of it. Therefore, the mining industry demand even more technical capacity and solutions that are founded on a reliable scientific research of world-class level.

Since the beginning of its operations, Anddes’ best strategy to set themselves in the Peruvian market has been their work quality offered to their clients that, so far, has given us high local presence and international recognition. As a way to improve even more our local clients relations, to increase our recognition by other potential clients and eventually seek for new international markets our company looks for integrating itself and their engineers to actively participate in conferences related to the research in the mining industry.

Given these reasons, Anddes decided to create the bases of a research area within the company whose services offer the creation of new applicable knowledge to the mining activity and, in particular, the knowledge involve in hydraulic, civil and geotechnical engineering of the earth structures involve in this actividad.